sexy young blond

Fucking right I’d bone that little twinkie.

I mean he is so cute and adorable, but from what I’ve seen, he’s a horn dog too.   Which certainly gets my motor into high gear.  I love a young guy who can fuck or bend over and take it all, no matter how big.

There is something about that face, that has me dripping already.  And that is with him dressed, but I almost lost it, when I got to the naked pictures of this hottie.  Oh, his name is Derrick Porter and I thank Daddy Sweet Tooth  for finding him too.

playing with himself

Like I said, I almost lost it, but if I take any longer to express my delight over him, I know there is gonna be some cum splatters on my computer screen.  Hey, I don’t mind that, but fuck they are a bitch to clean up.   Lot easier to cum on a rag, then toss it into the laundry.

But be honest, don’t you think he’s adorable?



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