Damn those old men sure can get the claws out.    Seems that Goompa is enthralled by this hot young Canuck, Justin Lebeau.    Gotta say, he is damn sexy looking, not to mention nicely hung.   I sure as fuck could get off thinking of him, course I’d much rather do him, than think about it.

Justin Lebeau

He does have the kind of face that just, well, makes me a bit weak at the knees.  Still, Daddy Sweet Tooth found himself a hottie too, and in a way, he is just as hot as Justin.  Plus he isn’t bisexual like Justin.

Plus, he’s into getting some one on one help, which means I got me a chance at maybe giving him some private tutoring lessons.  Kiril has a different look than Justin, but honestly Dude, he’s fucking hot.

sexy blond twink

I would take either of them, and while Justin is more well defined, body wise, I kind of am leaning to the sweet and innocent look that Kiril exudes.  Like come on Dude, he has that look that makes you think he’s gonna be accommodating, while Justin, well, he would be the one calling the shots.

Both of them have nice asses, and damn, their cocks are exactly the kind that would make me a happy bottom bitch.  Though I am gonna give the edge to Kiril in that department, as he is versatile.  I can fuck him, and he is just as good at giving me a good hard fucking.

I like it when they are after me, makes me feel special.  LOL

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