licking his nipples

I absolutely hate exam time.  Only good thing is I am in demand just before, which means, I get a bit of something extra.  Plus, well the cash isn’t bad, though I much prefer taking out the fee in trade, if you catch my drift.   Mind you I need both, but then I get to find hot guys like this Josh Bensan.

Sort of lets me concentrate on getting the cash instead of trying to get into their pants. Though some of them sure are hot.  Hell, one has nice dark curly hair, just like Josh.  I may have to reconsider my fee for him, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy the smooth skin of this little hottie.

He’s more of a top, and he does have a nice cock.  His buddy there though, damn I didn’t notice it before, but he’s got a very nice looking dick.   Don’t care for the tongue piercing, unless he can do a good rim job.  Then it wouldn’t be so bad. LOL

Guess I’ll stick to Josh though.  I wonder if my real life Josh look alike has a nice penis too? Hope he isn’t a top, because he’s got a nice set of butt cheeks on him, just like Josh.  LOL

cumHot Twinks Blowing Their Loads  @8Teenboy 

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