three way sex

I wish I worked in an office, and was working late when these guys broke in.   Heck, I’d make sure the alarm was turned off, and the window left wide open ( okay well one of them, that is.  The other two, well I’d double bolt the windows and doors ).

Now can you tell who is the late working office worker, and who are the two break in artists, that got napped?  I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t the guy with the beard and leathery face. ( he’s the one getting his dick sucked )

I love my porn, and while Sammy seems to have more luck than me, it is only because he lives with all those hotties while I have to go out and find them.  Still, I manage, despite what the others may think.  But I agree with Sid, that some porn is just, well, mismatched.

Nick Daniels simply doesn’t suit some office worker, and Luis Bigdog really doesn’t strike me as being sweet or cute in any way.  Now Nick Gill, well, he’s not bad. Certainly nothing like some of the sexy young men who get me my Coffee at Mickey Dees.

twinky office burgler

Sure they all got nice penises, and well I suppose the idea of catching two guys breaking in, does lead itself to some interesting possibilities. I just don’t see one guy forcing two others to have a threesome in lieu of calling the cops on them.

However, unlike Sid, I am not a wet blanket and I can still use the idea, along with the vision of Nick Gill, to have my own little office break-in.  That is what comes from experience, which being my age, I have loads of.  So I am going to enjoy a nice little jerk off, thinking of surprising Nick Gill, and having him do my bidding.

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