Honestly Dude, why the fuck can’t I get myself a hottie like him?

He has such a beautiful face, and those dark eyebrows, that nose, those eyes, just make me quiver in my boxers.  Maybe I should change to white undies, as it seems to be quite popular with the guys I’d like to have locked in my dorm room.  He is such a doll, the way he’s licking at his buddies uncut cock, that I seriously have goose bumps all over.

I can close my eyes, and just imagine him in the room, on top of me. I can feel his hot breath against my stiffy, feel the raspy touch of his tongue against the underside of my own dick.  Feel it slide oh so slowly up and down the shaft, the tip of the tongue curling around the cock head.   Man I can feel my nuts churning, as the cum inside is boiling, waiting for a chance to escape and cover that handsome nineteen year old face.


Shit, now I gotta go change my boxers.  Looking at his face, at those piercing eyes, I just couldn’t help myself.

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