Alex ( the guy in the red shirt ) has exactly what I’d like.  A nice bit of Mathew ( the one in boxers with the hard penis ) Keading.  Like Dude, that guy is adorable, even with those hairy legs and that stupid nose ring.  Now give me him, without the nose ring but a nice cock ring and I’ll be one happy slut.

Just look at that face, that hair and oh yeah, let’s not forget that juicy looking cock.  I mean this is a twink I could absolutely devote an entire semester too, or more.  Like what’s not to love ( aside from the nose ring ) ?  Thing is, Mathew is also a TOP and well, that just suits my aching ass just fine.  I’d love to have him pound me with that schlong of his, all the way to the hilt, please.



Anyone who likes twinks, isn’t gonna refuse this sexy dark haired cutie anything.  Hell, I bet if he walks into any Gay Bar, the old letches will be stumbling over each other to send him a drink or two.  After all, they have dreams too.   Yet looking at him, at the simple fact that he has a nose ring, tells me he is no pushover.  Bet he can handle his booze too, which means he wouldn’t be an easy mark.

I do so love a challenge.

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