I am jealous.  I mean no one has ever invited me to join their Frat House, and hey, I am not a dog.  Just because I have a pocket protector and have a damn high grade point average, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun.  And okay, so I am bit of a geek, like it doesn’t mean I can’t hold my Beer.   Plus, without sounding conceited, I am just as good looking as a few of those Frat Guys.

Gotta say though, I am a bit bashful, and not sure I’d be willing to bare it all, like all those guys are doing, never mind sucking on a bunch of strange cocks. I kind of like to know the guy a bit, before going down and blowing him, or having him stick his dick up my ass.   ( Does that make me a prude? lol )


Course the upside to being a Frat Brother is that I’d not be jerking off to pictures of guys sucking cocks, but would actually be sucking cocks.   Another plus is that I’d certainly improve my social skills, in having to spread ‘em and take whatever is offered.  Makes for a much more well rounded education, don’t you think?  Like all those different cocks, from thick to slender, from uncut to cut.  Certainly would broaden one’s experience level.

Maybe I can wangle an invitation to join a Frat House here on campus?

Come grab your invite to join Fraternity X

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