power top

Clayton Kole is the guy in the baseball cap, gray sweats being felt up by beefy boy Leroy Dale.  Clayton has a nice fat uncut cock, and you can tell, he gets exactly who he wants, when he’s in the mood for some hard ass fucking.  This is a Top who wants what he wants, without any of the frills.

I kind of dig that, because you know, it’s rather nice to just let yourself go, to not have to make a single decision about what to do, how to do it. He just commands and you obey, and in the process, your ass gets one mother fucking workout.  You just wind up being totally satisfied, without any strings attached.  I hate strings at times.

Yet, you know, when I want to be on top, his buddy Leroy would do just fine. Like shit man, he’s got a nice cock too, but that ass of his, is like, well, absolutely fuckable.  It’s his thing too, and well hell, why disappoint?

ass rimming sex

Now that is a nice looking asshole. All those tiny hairs around that pink pucker hole, just needing some slicking down, before one drives their tongue deep inside, is exactly what the Doctor ordered for what is making Leroy ache so much. I mean come on, who doesn’t like a nice quivering butthole?

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