He is only eighteen, which means he’s still wet behind the ears, but you gotta love his enthusiasm for thinking he’s gonna have some muscle and body tone.  Honestly, he’s a skinny runt, but damn, I love a little cutie that has some spunk to him.

Kind of reminds me of me, though a hell of a lot thinner and well, he’s got no flab to him.  Hmmm, guess he doesn’t remind me of me, just of what I wish I had been back when I was eighteen.  Ah well, I did lose the extra pounds, but I sure never got the looks, least nothing near as hot as Elijah has. Though, maybe I got him beat in the dick department. ( Hey, us geeks have big penises, well some of us do.  ha-ha )


Hmm, okay I’d have to get the measuring tape out, and well, he’ll have to stand very still while I check, but then again, I might just decide to help him keep it hard.  At least for a little bit. LOL

He says he’s from Atlanta, and he’s even been with a girl, but hell, when you are young, you can be forgiven for such a transgression.  I’ll forgive him, and I figure if I lie about my age, he might be interested.  Like, I could help tutor him in some of the finer points of higher education.  ( It’s what us Geeks / Nerds do, plus it’s how we get some action. )

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