Sencer Keve being blown

Funny isn’t it?  I mean we have such preferences, that you sometimes miss out on some super hot fucking.

Like take this little number here, Sencer Keve ( the one getting blown, not the one with cum all over his face ).

He’s not my type, as I like my fucks to be, well built. I want some meat and definition to them, not just a rack of bones, if you get my meaning.

But fuck dude, this guy may not have a lot of muscles, or a lot of meat on his tiny frame, but fuck, he’s got a personality, with a sense of humor, that is amazing.  More than that, he’s got one nice fat juicy cock too.

Better yet, he ain’t no passive bottom bitch either.

getting his ass drilled

Come on, tell me you don’t like a nice vocal bitch to fuck?   Hell look at Chris Young as Sencer rides his cock. His eyes are popping from the way his fuck buddy is screaming and riding that well endowed pole.

Sex just isn’t about matching our physical tastes, least that’s what I tell guys who turn me down. I mean honestly, it is about how you do things, how you treat your partner, and how you wind up pleasing both of your needs.  Hey, no one ever complained when they took a shot with me, and I am butt ugly.

You gotta see more…  @ 8Teenboy

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