cock sucking

Shit Dude, you gonna have to open up that mouth a bit wider, if you wanna swallow that big cock all the way down to the nuts.

One of my talents, is being able to get my jaw open and throat loose enough, so that big dicks like that are a taste treat, not a chore.  I may gag now and then, but fuck man, it’s only because I was in too much of a hurry to get sucking.  Call it me being in a hurry, but shit, when you got something that tasty waiting for your attention, who can wait?

And I do enjoy that position too.

I mean some may just kick back, and enjoy my sucking technique, it kind of leaves me doing all the work.  Not something I like, but these two studs, well now they know how to please each other.  Like come on, while you getting your bone sucked, least you can do is stroke his, to sort of keep him motivated.

Don’t you think?

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