bulked up body

Like Dude, he is perfect for me.

I could lose myself in his arms and don’t get me started on those legs of his.  Like this guy ( Brady Jensen ) is do die for. I’d trade my soul to the devil if he would hook me up with a hot hunk like Brady.  Course, I’d require more than just a hook up, if you know what I mean.

It isn’t just his muscles, or that chiseled handsome puss of his, but the look too. Honestly Dude, the way he is looking, it is like feeling his eyes are staring right into you.  And I mean you.  Sort of like, well, like he knows you are there, and he only has eyes for you, no one else. Okay so I am gushing a bit, hey its been a rough week so far, but after seeing these pictures, well it just doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Bel Ami is obviously expanding their type of guys. Sure, most of them are decent, when it comes to having some muscle, but uh, not as well defined as this import. ( They couldn’t find a nice sexy East European who worked out? ) He’s not a dumb ass jock or porn star either.  Then, I do go for brains being a nerd myself. But do you know how hard it is to find a good looking nerd?

At last my dreams are fulfilled. thanks to Brady.

giving the high sign

I want more of Brady, don’t you?

 See A Damn Site More of Brady Here

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