dirty blond hunk

I could easily go for a foreigner like Janu. ( from the Czech Republic )  I mean think about it Dude. He is blond, shaggy haired, thin and lanky, and wait till you see what he’s got inside those pair of jeans.

Some are rather stuck up, only wanting to do homegrown, but honestly, you ain’t lived until you’ve tasted some Foreign hunk.  Hell, even the foreskin tastes better, when it’s Foreign.

Yeah I know it is all in my head, ( which one do you think? lol ) but there is something about doing a foreign dude, that just makes it all seem different, and oh so much more pleasurable. Maybe it is just a ‘head thing’ but honestly, some of my best sex has been with guys who are visiting from some other place.

Yes, Janu is uncut, but more than that, this guy will thrill any Size Queen out there.  Hell, he’s got me drooling, and aching, all at the same time.  And that ain’t fucking easy, ‘cuz I am hard to please.

giant uncut penis

Like I said dude, this guy is fucking hung like a horse.

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