asking for help

So this Senior ( Danny Brooks ) explains to his Teacher ( Dean Holland ) that he isn’t sure on how to use a dildo, because well, he has this constant need to have something up his ass, but isn’t sure how to use his little helper toy.   Like really Dude?  What Senior doesn’t know more about Sex and the little toys one can use, when you look like him?

Ya know, I wouldn’t mind getting a teaching gig at that school. I mean come on, check out the hottie there, who appears to be clueless. Like I’d be getting laid every period, if I played my cards right.

Oh, and before the nut jobs go ballistic, THIS IS A FRIGGING FANTASY SCHOOL YOU MAROONS!

There, I feel better, but honestly, he is a cutie worth a bit of study. ( get the pun? lol )

handing over his dildo

I got it figured out, he knows how to use one, just he doesn’t quite know what to do with a dildo that is so frigging small and tiny.

Like Dude, you gotta get one that stretches your pucker hole super wide, then reaches all the way inside so it can hit that sweet spot and make you moan and groan like you are about to have kittens.  Honestly, the upcoming new generation are such fucking wimps.

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