I am liking this site, but it isn’t the end all either.  Like honestly man, the pictures can be so fucking hot, and then other times, well they just make you wanna click elsewhere.   I just don’t get it.

Like Kale here. I mean he’s got a full face, looks kind of interesting, and hey, he’s got an uncut cock but it took several pictures for me to find a decent one, that shows it.


Like WTF is up with that?  Course there are a few more pictures of him, but mostly teasers, and of his nice ass.

Thing is, I am a cock man, ‘not just a good looking face,’ type of sex maniac.  Hey, what can I say, but that the cock is important, even for a Top.


Nice uncut pole don’t you agree?

Need to see more?

Click Here for More of Kale and His Uncut Cock

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