beautiful boy Jesse

In my dreams, I am a Sex God. I have unblemished skin, have a huge uncut dick, and am slender with not an ounce of fat on my body.  Unlike reality where I am a fat slob, and a geeky nerd ( if there is such a thing ).  I like pizza and indulging in way too many brews, but hey, in my dreams I don’t put on a single ounce.

And in those dreams, I get guys like Jesse.

Can’t you just see him staring at me, looking for a sign of my interest, my approval of that lovely firm body, that creamy smooth skin of his?

sexy naked young man

He’s grinning, because I am smiling at his naked body. He can see my big dick is fully erect, and he knows that he won’t deny me whatever I want.  Jesse is pleased, because he just wants to make me happy, to satisfy my insatiable desire for his youthful body, for his beautiful penis.

erect twink penis

Jesse is ready to deliver the goods. I have given him the high sign, and he is ready to get down on his knees, to take me in his mouth, before he flips over and lets me pound that tasty white fleshy ass of his.

Like I said, in my dreams I am a Sex God!  lol

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