Timo fucked by Chris

Gotta say, Timo Garrett is still a sexy little bitch, even with his nice brown hair dyed bleach blond.

I prefer him brown though, I mean it suits his thin smooth body, and makes those expressions of his, well more entertaining and enjoyable. Helps keeps my hand stroking too, while I stare at his adorable face.

Personally I love blonds, just not really the bleached blond types. Most just can’t carry it off, if you know what I mean. I’ll give Timo credit though, he looks good in any hair color, and that dick of his, that nice firm ass, well, it keeps me drooling and dreaming.  Hey ain’t that what it is all about?

Not totally up with him being on a bareback site, but fuck, I still got a thing for him.  Hey not like I’ll ever get a chance to actually be with him, and besides, in my dreams, who needs condoms?

bleached bond bitch

( for your piece of mind, Timo is the one to the left, Chris Jett is the sort of hottie on the right. )

Gotta say, Timo has a nice penis to go with that skinny body. Shit, what is there not to like about him?

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