two sexy twinks

The one on the left does it for me.

Timo Garrett is the hotties name, and he’s got the look that makes me pop a woody, instantly.

Now the only problem I got, is that sexy nineteen year old is a bona fide TOP.  Yeah okay, so I am versatile but damn look at that penis of his. I mean it looks so nice and fat, and well, my butthole is a bit tight.  But fuck, it would be kind of fun to have him stretch it, don’t you think?

Kind of jealous of his fuck buddy Ryan (Sharp).

hot ass fucking

I do love a guy who likes to please, even if I am the bottom. I mean come on, he’s driving his cock into Ryan’s ass, and still managing to stroke Ryan’s cock.  Now tell me that doesn’t get your ass puckering a bit, and your dick a bit weepy? LOL

Hey it works for me, and if it works for you, well…

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