Don’t you just love those closeted married guys, who can’t wait to escape the clutches of the old ball and chain, to get a nice piece on the side?

Like that’s the story line for Jake Steel ( rugged 22 year old ) and his sexy little bit on the side, Aaron West ( eighteen year old Southern belle ).

Kind of look likes little Aaron there, isn’t digging the scratchy unshaved face that’s giving him a kiss, but fuck, I don’t like necking with guys who are unshaved. I mean it does scratch like fucking hell, and I don’t know, they better have a big cock to help ease that discomfort.  ( Seems like Jake does, though, don’t it? lol )


Guess that says it all.  It must be a good sized cock, to make this little Southern Hottie grimace so much.  Bet he’s enjoying it though, once Jake gets his rhythm going.

Gotta say, little Aaron looks like he’s got a nice dick himself.

Sure as fuck wouldn’t mind having him as a fuck buddy in reserve.


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