I gotta say, I do enjoy a nice twink in tight fitting undies.  Course, them black things don’t do him justice. I mean the whole idea is to get a whiff of that package he’s got hiding.  Black just don’t cut it man.


Now that’s much better, don’t y’all think?

So let me introduce you to Ryan Sharp and his buddies.  ( Ya know, that lovely thick veined bitch between his legs, more often called a penis. )


And of course let us not forget to introduce you to his best bud, his pucker hole.  I mean sweet Lord, will you take a gander at that quivering little love muscle?  I mean check it out, and you know, I think it may need a bit of attention, that only a good big old cock and give it.

Kind of looks like its had a few too, though don’t it? lol

Wonder if that means he’s a bit of a slut?


I bet you know where this is going, don’t ya?

Now I got me a few of them thar toys.  Not quite so blue as that one, or as ribbed either. Me, I like to get it in, work it around, and do a bit of stroking which is why I prefer the vibrating kind of dildo.   Hey, I like to use my hands for more important work, than moving a rubber toy in and out of my tight little boy pussy.

Course, he seems to manage just fine with one hand. 


Seems to fit just fine, don’t you think?

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