Hmm, not the greatest picture to tell, now is it?   But never fear, I have more Laughing out loud


It’ll just have to do, but take my word for it, these dudes both have the same size cocks.  About 6.7 inches if my math is right ( well the calculator’s math that is LOL )

Now Benjamin (he’s the hottie on the left) is said to have a thicker cock than his partner Philipe ( yeah the one sucking ).

So what is your preference?

Myself, IF I was a total bottom slut, I’d want the damn thicker cock to be rammed up my ass.  Like come on, if you like it up the ass, don’t you want to make damn sure you get to feel every blessed inch of it, as it goes in? 

Now IF you are a top bitch, well, it doesn’t matter now does it? LOL

Wanna do more comparisons?

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