And if you have troubles telling which is the Flamer, and which ain’t, uh, can we suggest a good eye doctor? LOL

Yes it is the one in the light blue tank top

I have to say, the title of this membership site, is a bit odd.  I get the meaning, that it’s a bareback site, and that the guys cum in each other’s ass, but uh…  shouldn’t that be ‘in’ and not ‘to’ ???   Okay so like I am a picky dude, what can I say, this shit costs money you know. 


Now I know that these are paid models, but uh, are they under the impression there is a television or movie contract waiting for them, afterwards?   I mean uh, let me see, you have a cock buried up your ass,  or are the one whose cock is buried in another guy’s butt hole, and you are staring at the camera dude?  I mean really?

Oh and look at that face our Flamer Dude is giving.  Uh, is that supposed to be attractive or scare me into how big and bad the little bitch is?   rofl ( rolling on the floor laughing )


Gotta give the flamer credit.  I mean he does know how to stuff a hole, don’t he?

His acting is over the top, bit campy really, but fuck, why the hell not?  Hey, come on, who says sex has to be so damn serious all the time.  I enjoy a good laugh, while humping.  ( Hey, that would explain the play on words, wouldn’t it? It’s a come on, a sort of deliberate blooper. )

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