They say Redheads have a fiery personality, but damn who cares? It means they put a lot of passion into their love making, and this sexy redhead suits me just fine. Plus I do love a young man with a big thick uncut dick, don’t you?

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You gotta love a guy who is imaginative. Like Kevy Codine. That name alone guarantees a good look over, and well he may be a bit on the slender side, he sure is packing a tasty cock. Nice smile to go with that Emo look he sports.

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Jade Parker is one of my favorites. He is so fucking hot, that it gives me a boner just thinking about him.  More than that, he has a very nice Penis.  One I wouldn’t mind sucking on, or better yet, having it up the ass. Jade Parker at 8Teenboy

hand jobs and kissing

stuffing his ass hard

I do love getting a nice big bone up the ass, to have it driven deep and hard.  Not sure I’d like my head yanked back, by the hair, but there are times, when I truly do enjoy a good hard ass fucking.

Just like blond boy Kyle is getting there, from Chase Young.

Myself, I’d like to be the guy pounding that cute blond.  I mean he is adorable.

face full of semen

I do like to see a good looking bottom, taking a nice hot face full of cum.  Kind of gets me inspired for some cum tasting of my own.  LOL

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playing with himself

sexy twink

I do like some of the new class of guys who are parading around campus these days. Like this little number, Braden.  Now I just can’t figure out why he would need to use a dildo.  Like all he has to do is give me a nod, a wink or some other sign, and I would be quite happy to give him a visit.

And yes, I’d be quite willing to help satisfy his itch in that cute little tush of his. I mean come on, that is a nice ass, and fuck, check out his hard cock.  I mean, maybe he’d prefer to have me give that a ride, which I wouldn’t object to.   Like you would object?

stiff penis

Nice looking balls too.  Hey, he’s got a nice build, bit skinny, but one very tasty looking cock. I think I could enjoy sucking on that pole for a bit.  Course I’d like to flip him over and get into that tight ass of his too.

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